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Knysna Yacht Club History

Knysna Yacht Club is situated in the centre of the beautiful Garden Route – midway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The club is internationally renowned for its hospitality and facilities. Visiting yachts are always welcome.

The name Knysna is a Khoi word that has been translated to mean “place of wood”, “fern leaves” and “straight down” an obvious reference to the famous Knysna Heads.

The Heads must be one of the most eye-catching geological features along the southern African coastline. They flank a deep channel through which the sea pours, flooding the wide lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River. The first bay reached inside the Heads was named Featherbed by the old sailing masters as a reference to its calmness compared to the Southern Indian Ocean just outside.

Sailors passing through the Heads have a safe navigable lagoon in which to moor their yachts while visiting Knysna and the surrounding region. The lagoon is a playground for holiday makers where one can enjoy water sports, sailing, sunset cruises and lagoon fishing.

Founded in 1910, Knysna Yacht Club has all the facilities a visiting yacht requires. This is probably the only harbour on the South African coast that is in easy walking distance of Supermarkets and boat chandlers. The club provide haul-out facilities for vessels of up to 12 tonnes with skilled servicing by SAS/SAMSA qualified personnel.

We provide shower and ablution facilities for visitors. The club has an excellent restaurant and two well stocked bars.

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