Knysna Canoe Club

Our community boasts paddlers of diverse skill levels who actively engage in river and surf-ski races across South Africa, adding an exciting dimension to our club’s dynamic spirit.

Join us every Tuesday at 5:30 pm for our spirited weekly club time trial. While it primarily emphasizes the social joy of paddling, our adventurous members, ever-ready for a challenge, often turn it into a friendly dice at the front.

Following the time trial, unwind and share stories at the yacht club’s bar—a perfect setting to foster friendships and enhance the experience.

Our community is passionate about exploring the Knysna lagoon to its fullest, with a dedicated group for kids and beginners, offering a supportive environment for skill development at their own pace.

For more details about the club, contact Martin at 073 629 2134.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our paddling family!

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